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Born of a French father and an Italian mother, Julie Fabioux spent her youth between her two countries of origin. Later on, after studying for a year in Dublin, where she chose to specialize in publishing and improved her English, she went back to France.

There, she obtained a Master of Advanced Studies in publishing (Angers, 2003). Afterwards, always willing to travel, Giulia signed a two-year contract with Samir Éditeur, a Lebanese publisher specializing in school books for which she worked as Editorial Assistant. During this time, she seized the opportunity to familiarize herself with the Arabic language.

Julie’s career started in France, in prestigious publishing houses such as Phébus. She then decided to perfect her experience in Italy, where she worked for the Gremese publishing company (illustrated books in the field of cinema), and the Italian encyclopedia La Treccani (general knowledge subjects).

Later on, having moved back to Paris, Julie accomplished publishing and translation assignments.

With time, she has specialized in the field of art. She has notably translated a book compiling conversations between contemporary artists (The Conversation Series, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Manuella Éditions, 2007).

She also regularly works with the Peeping Tom non-profit organization which supports and promotes contemporary artists.

In parallel, she worked for seven years as a translator for the mot.tiff agency, where she translates and proofreads Italian, English and Arabic translations in various specialized fields such as energy (e.g. GDF SUEZ, Total, and EDF), law (annual reports, contracts), surveys (Ipsos), urban planning (Europan), luxury goods (e.g. Hermès, Louis Viutton, and The Kooples). With this experience, she had the opportunity to familiarize herself with the marketing approach to translating websites, mailings, newsletters, guidelines, catchphrases, catalogues, brochures, press kits, etc. 

Thanks to her experience in publishing houses, Julie is familiar with the relationship between text and image. She is thus responsible for the artistic direction of various books and is in charge of their page layout, which she carries out with specialized software (InDesign, Xpress, and FrameMaker).

Julie pays great attention to the harmony and balance of the page, in languages whose specificities (alphabet, way of reading, punctuation, ligature, etc.) need to be well known and respected. She can thus take in charge layout in Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish.

Julie recently set up her own business, offering translation and graphics services.

She works for communications firms, translation agencies, and publishing houses such as Reflex, Gedev, Manuella Éditions, Éditions Penta and Hatier.

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